During this time of Self-Love, I invite you to allow me to assist you in creating your Personal Statement of Brilliant Empowerment.

This Statement is directed by you through your Masters, Teachers & Guides. We will delve into the Akasha to connect vibrationally with your Divine Being - the Place of Personal Divinity. Through this process, a powerful piece of direct information comes through to align you with the I AM presence within.

My Personal Statement: I Empower Divinity.

Investment: $25.00
*Contact me to Schedule your Session. Easily PrePay HERE.
Sessions are offering 'in-person' and online via Zoom.

In this time of quiet & of working to Understand the Wisdom that is trying to show itself around us: I am BEing led to reach out in a larger way as a Mentor & Guide as each of us traverses the unfolding mysteries in the space we are in within 'full disclosure' of self and of our world.

I am here if this is something you are looking for and you feel called to reach out to move into deeper levels of your soul's awareness that will, in turn, connect & be part of the World Soul Awareness - I am here to assist you.

Personal Spiritual Mentoring