7 Quantum Aspect Points of Unified Field of Consciousness within Healing Path of the Rose - Stepping into Divinity are:

Healing Path of the Rose is the Gateway into the Rose Heart Portal of the innate self. This opens with a 7-part Teaching, Stepping into Divinity, offering a myriad of varying vibrations in which you can personally connect and reach further into the core of your spirituality to bring this into Our Kingdom – the world in which we live, work and reside.

Susanah has modeled a Path of Guidance that takes each person participating to a new Level – Individually | Collectively | Personally – regardless of intent. This can help to reach goals that have, in the past, seemed unachievable!

If you are ready to take the Leap of Surrender into your Divinity – you are in the right place.

It can be found Right Here/Right Now if you are ready for Greatness!

Susanah Magdalena is expanding her Teachings
for more accessibility for those outside of the Denver area.

This Virtual Gateway is an opportunity for her to reach you and for you to have entry into the Divine Brilliance
you hold and to BEcome this within the physical state of BEing.

 Are you looking for your Divine Partner?
 Are you looking for your Divine Purpose?
 Are you looking for Divine Revelation?

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This is a 4-month commitment where we gather weekly to move past fears into our Dreams. 
When we do this, our Dreams become our Reality!

Gathering of Magdalenes
Sacred Breath of The Holy Spirit
Sacred Sound of Creation

Sacred Revelation of Inspiration
Sacred Vibration of Manifestation
Sacred Harmony of Holy Union
Celebration of Magdalenes

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It is required that you complete the modules in order of reference before moving on to the next or any other.