Tree of Life Readings  will be offered from a Kabbalistic point of reference.  

Utilizing personal information:
1. Your name - First and Middle

2. Your Date of Birth
3. Your Time of Birth

4. Place of Birth

Susanah Magdalena will offer in in-depth reading offering empowerment through insights of your strengths and of your challenges.  She will offer through this aspect of the Wisdom and Understanding of the Mysteries - on observation of your past, your present and your potential future.

This type of reading is empowering in assisting each person receiving a vantage point of Divine Purpose through insight and encouragement.

Tree of Life Readings  are offered in-person, via Skype and through email.
*Emailed readings included a detailed written accounting of your reading that is sent to you for your perusal and review.

Investment: $139.00 

Pre-Payment can be easily made through 
Exchange & Investments.