The Beloved Heart Source

"Magdalene Mystery School"

The Eye of The Heart of Elohim

The Heart of Elohim is The Heart of The Beloved Heart Source's "Magdalene Mystery School".

This is the eternal "Key to Connection" to understanding what it is is and to fully embrace the aspect of being Co-Creators as a cell of the body of "God".  This is the Path of TheWay as shared by Mary, The Magdalene and the Master Jeshua.  This is the "lost" Memory Key of the Lemurians.  This is these things and so much more.

*Elohim is plural and has male and female connotations.  
Do ye not know ye are gods? Do ye not know that ye are Elohim?​

The Heart of Elohim is taught in 3 sessions:
​The Sacred Breath of The Holy Spirit | The Sacred Sound of Creation | The Sacred Vibration of Manifestation

Through each session different aspects are introduced and utilized: ritual, anointing, channeling, numeric coding and more.

These sessions do not have to be taken in order. Once all 3 have been completed, Certification of Completion is offered.

The Eye of The Heart of Elohim is the Master/Teacher Workshop  offered to those who have completed the 3 sessions offered in 
​The Heart of Elohim.  This will give you all the tools needed to offer this to others in any way that is unique for the new teacher.

“The Eye of the Heart of Elohim” series has been very empowering to me.  I know that everything I experience changes me in some little way even if I don’t see or feel anything.  In this 3 part series she begins each one with information and insight on what she is bring through.    After that you go through the practice of Ceremony and Ritual using candles, essential oils, sound and numbers sequencing.  The way she makes it flows so easily together is Awesome.  You know this is coming from her heart and sharing this special information is not by chance.  In my 4+ years of learning and participating in many different experiences “The Eye of the Heart of Elohim” has affected me more powerfully then anything thing else I have experience.   I have also learned that if the universe puts something in front of you then you should listen.  I am so glad I listened and I took this series with Susanah.  She never disappoints…   
Blue Skies!!!

Susanah's knowledge of what she brings to us is always exceptional in anything that she offers. I am a person that is open to new things and want to learn all I can. So when Susanah offered this series I signed up right away.


As he spoke Miltha (the word) he said:
John 10:34 the Master Jeshua speaks
“Is it not written in your Torah that I have told you that you are Elohim.”