Welcome to the
​Unfolding Mysteries

The "Mysteries of The Magdalene" are really quite simple.  She expresses intensity and passion at all levels of existence.  She is a catalyst to the awakening of the Divine Feminine.  She wishes it to be known that this can not be done in its fullness without the mingling of the harmonies of The Divine Masculine.  To hold one without the other is a disservice and is an abomination. 

She and other Masters who bring for the same message are swirling around us assisting us in embracing this Institution of Awareness so that we may grow and develop as we, as humans, were originally intended to do.

The "Mysteries" of the awakening/co-mingling design of the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine is upon us now as individuals and as a collective.  It MUST begin though with the individual and then shared in such a way of simply *Being*.  There is no definition of how to share this for this is not of importance.  The priority is in the understanding that we are our own testimony and it is how we are as an individual that radiates out into the All that Is.

Susanah Magdalena as High Priestess and Channel of Mary, The Magdalene and the Master Teacher Jeshua is here to aid you in remembering who and what you are from Soul Origin.  In this, she is here to assist you in embracing the Authentic You as you step fully into the Magnificance that You Are.

​I AM Magnificance.