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The Teachings of Aharona אַהֲרֹנָה

Exalted Light  נַעֲלֶה אוֹר


The presence of Aharona אַהֲרֹנָה - the Expression of Exalted Light נַעֲלֶה אוֹר  is here in the Earth (3D) dimension at this time.  
She brings forth a cosmic evolutionary consciousness from the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Dimensions within spacial harmony.  
She brings forth the equation shown above:​
Forgiveness + Love = Compassion

The place of Forgiveness  is something that only exists in the 3D timeline of Earth.  There is no word or thought regarding this emotion in any other place within cosmic reasoning and understanding.  As this is exclusive to Earth, this is one thing those who incarnate as Human Beings have come to explore, learn about and to expand within.  Forgiveness MUST begin with the self within human conditionings.  Forgiveness MUST be integrated deep within the oversoul's consciousness and interaction. Forgiveness MUST begin with the individual being for this is an exploration of individuality within collectiveness.

This has the ability to bring the human being into a revolutionary place within soul development. Forgiveness challenges the soul to expand. Within Forgiveness is found they Key to Understanding the Wisdom of the Teaching - Worthiness.

Each human is Worthy of all of the Gifts of Spirit which are already ours.
Once this is embraced and we step into this concept - we find a Freedom we never knew existed.

The human MUST first and foremost forgive "self" at the deepest level - of choosing the human *reality*.  Once imposed and embraced - only then may forgiveness be offered out to "others". For if forgiveness is offered to others before embraced by the self, the act is one of futility that is not fully acknowledged for there is no authentication of Truth.

The place of Love  then enters the equation.  Love can only be expressed when there is a Wisdom found within Forgiveness.  Love IS Cosmic Consciousness and the place of Collective Intelligence.  Love is the Universal Design of Divinity that resides within each Human and is expressed through the OverSoul.  

Love must first be embraced by the individual self to gain an deep connection with the soul source of our individuality. We must first address Love by forgetting everything wethought Love to be to gain a more distinctive perceptive of what it is as a Source Vibration.  The Human condition is one that has created a fractured view of Love. This is what has kept us in the dark for eons of time.

It is now time to fully wake! And! this can ONLY happen through Intimate Exposure of LOVE.
Embrace yourself in Love for you are the Key to this Wisdom of Unlocking the Secrets Within.  Allow yourself to find your heart space - knowing this is not the physical heart but, rather, an energetic space within your integral being. Once you find this energy space, allow yourself to enter within through meditation.

Challenge yourself to reach the juncture of response -
your reward will be that your world will be altered in ways you never imagined. 

Only when you have acquired this Sacred Space of Being within your individual Heart Space will you find and feel the heartbeat of the world(s).  It is at this place, you will become and you will feel yourself powerfully integrate. 

This is The Point of Existence where time has the potential to stand in stillness as you will feel yourself connect fully with the aspect of the All That Is - The I AM that I am and you will embrace the vibrational enhancements that You Are Elohim.

The place of Compassion now steps into its full and rightful place. Within this is found Mercy or that of Tikkun Olam תיקון עולם - the translation of which is literally "repair of the world(s)".  This is the expansive place of full integration within Oneness with a deep Understanding and Wisdom of the simplicity and complexity of the universes.

This is The Key Place of Connection. This is the Reward - The Prize.  This is the place where the Bliss of being in Oneness with that which we are - a cell within the body of the Creator God.  We have been embodied by Elohim and we have arrived.

The individual that we are within humanity finds that through this individuality, we are the Key to Unlocking the paths to consecutiveness and that it is through this individual existence that we have the Power and the Authority to BE the Repair of the World - through one individually placed conscious intent to the next. In this, we connect and Become our Soul Connected Self.

We now arrive Home in Consciousness and are no longer fragmented.