The Beloved Heart Source

"Magdalene Mystery School"

It is my personal belief that there are no wrong choices or misguided mistakes.  It is all simply choice and once made, what matters is what is done with it from that very point that assists in determining outcome.  It is all perspective and Tarot helps us to understand the nuances of the perpetual cycle and travails of existence.

The Tarot is in itself mysterious.  That is until one delves into it and the Mystery is dispelled.  The Tarot offers an amazing array of insight and wisdom to the one that understands it.  Yes, it is a wonderful tool to use for divination but, it is so much more.

To and for me, The Tarot is a "Gateway" to the cognizance of understanding the self.  It is an aspect of the story of each human's journey and the joys and corrections to be found within.  It is a place of discernment and instructive wisdom of each person's path and the varying "forks in the road" that present themselves.

The Fool's Journey is a 7-part class series that is fun, introspective and definitely interactive.  As we move through each and every one of the traditional 78 cards, we find enlightenment and understanding.

This class is a “basic” class and no knowledge of Tarot is needed or expected.  It is a great class for those who are new to Tarot and at the same time a perfect place for additional perspectives for those who have a keen understanding.  It is a fun thing to do if you have acquired a new deck you feel you need to find close association.

Introduction to The Tarot 
Working with the Major Arcana I-VII 
Working with the Major Arcana VIII-XIV 
Working with the Major Arcana XV-XXI
Working with the Court Cards of the Minor Arcana 
Working with the Minor Arcana Ace-X 

The final class is when we offer Questions, Answers and a time to Practice what you have learned with others.

*Tarot Deck of choice is required for this class.  *Please, no Rider Waite decks.

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