Susanah Magdalena offers Synergistic Healing Concepts incorporating these varied components with the intent to bring forth intense healing at all levels 
Body | Mind | Soul

so that we may each as individuals walk our path and enjoy the journey to the fullest!

Synergistic Healing Concepts  was born within the viewpoint of "frequency" and how frequency is the connector of all life ... the "oneness".  It is through frequency that we are all connected ... humans, animal life, plants and even inanimate objects that seem to hold no life.  Interestingly, they all have frequency and in this we are all linked.

Susanah  Magdalena has had a passion and intense knowing that frequency is the "key" to relationship at all levels.  It is this interest that has been the driving factor for her to seek and reach for what is "more".

The development of Synergistic Healing Concept Workshops  is in its infancy but is showing up in an extreme and powerful way.  

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The workshops are developed to bring forth information regarding varying tools, modalities and practices into "business" to take the practitioner to a new level of Financial Abundance.  In combining multiple facets we bring forth a freshness into what is offered that is enticing to the clients we seek to manifest into our business relationships.

We will focus on the Magick of Energy Healing "Reiki", the Frequency of Essential Oils (Young Living) and the Available Benefits of the Amethyst BioMat (Richway).  Through the converging energies that are brought together - we will focus on how this has the ability to enhance varying practices ... Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and more...

There are truly no define definitions in the continual reach for that which is more.

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