Lynn Harms LMT of LightWorker Healing Arts LLC  offers the benefits of the BioMat within his beautiful approach to energy healing and with the powerful attributes of massage.  Combine massage with any or all of the above mentioned synergistic components and received the renewed qualities that are offered.  

Lynn offers a variety of different massage styles and technique specializing in deep healing massage.  He also offers Aromatherapy massages and Raindrop Technique either alone or with a massage for an even deeper connection with self and with the oils.  All can be offered with the Amethyst BioMat.

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Soon after Susanah began studying Reiki, she was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils.  At the time, D. Gary Young's research was taking him deep into the frequency of essential oils.  It was originally though that through the distillation process of essential oils that the frequency was lost and no longer available.  Gary Young, through the use of a MHz frequency meter, he was able to create a distillation process where the frequency was still there with the plant material after distillation.  This was a revolutionary find and changed the Western thought process regarding essential oils and their varied uses.

This research caught Susanah's attention and has held it for over 20 years.  She has found a variety of ways to incorporate essential oils into every situation of her life.  The synergy of essential oils creates a symbiotic response of co-mingling and enhancing energy patterns with anything they are partnered with.  She found they were a perfect ally for the Reiki energy as they seemed to enhance one another.

Recently! Susanah has experience the Amethyst BioMat!  This has rocked her world regarding frequenting and co-existing and partnering energies.  The essence of this technological wonder takes the information from Amethyst and Tourmaline Crystals creating a symbiosis affect with the construction of the BioMat offering Far Infrared (FIR) Information, Negative Ions and Thermotherapy.  Combined, this is a powerhouse on its own; combine it with other frequency enhancing tools and you have something quite unique and profound that can be used every single day to bring about peace and tranquility through stress and anxiety reduction and so much more.

The Amethyst BioMat Q&A!

Susanah Magdalena offers healing sessions incorporating these varied components with the intent to bring forth intense healing at all levels 
Body | Mind | Soul

so that we may each as individuals walk our path and enjoy the journey to the fullest!

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Synergistic Healing Concepts  was born within the viewpoint of "frequency" and how frequency is the connector of all life ... the "oneness".  It is through frequency that we are all connected ... humans, animal life, plants and even inanimate objects that seem to hold no life.  Interestingly, they all have frequency and in this we are all linked.

Susanah  Magdalena has had a passion and intense knowing that frequency is the "key" to relationship at all levels.  It is this interest that has been the driving factor for her to seek and reach for what is "more".

Her introduction to the energy of Reiki  in the early '90s first opened this door for her and has been the catalyst that has moved her forward into the Understanding and Actuality of the relationship with the All that Is ... or that which she terms as the Creator God.  This began a fascination that holds truth to this day.  As a Reiki Master/Teacher and one who has continually evolved and in this has been re-created over and over again, the energy healing she shares has morphed into something that is Reiki and, at the same time, is not Reiki.  It is healing from the Cosmic Energy Source but, it is no longer definable. But... the aspect of the "frequency" of love it carries has followed through to what it is today.

Susanah works with other completing source: crystals, elemental tools, feathers, and more as they all just seem to fit together in a cohesive manner.