Rose Heart Portal II
Sacred Breath of The Holy Spirit – bringing forth the Fire & Passion of Mary, The Magdalene

Rose Heart Portal V 
Sacred Vibration of Manifestation – bringing forth the Earth’s Grounding Wisdom of Miriam

Rose Heart Portal VII
Celebration of Roses

Rose Heart Portal III
Sacred Sound of Creation – bringing forth the Watery Flowing Love of Mary, The Mother

Rose Heart Portal IV 
Sacred Revelation of Inspiration – bringing forth, through Air, the Creative Logic of Susanah Tamar

7 Quantum Aspect Points of
​Unified Field of Consciousness are:

Rose Heart Portal I
Gathering to create a Magdalene Rose connection tool. This is to connect with the Magdalene Vibration as ‘Seeders of Light’ within the Unified Field of Consciousness.

Rose Heart Portal VI
Sacred Harmony of Holy Union – bringing forth the Marrying of the Divine Feminine & the Sacred Masculine

We begin our journey through an Initial Zoom Meeting where I act as a Guide in the Creation of your personal Statement of Empowered Divine Brilliance!

Each aspect must be completed before beginning the next.

Investment per Portal: $124.00 (Total: $868.00)
Investment if Paid in Full: $777.00