To be part of Stepping into Revolution, you must first have experienced Stepping into Divinity & Stepping into Mastery.

There are now 3 parts of Healing Path of The Rose!

Stepping into Divinity | Stepping into Mastery

and now! Stepping into Revolution!

Stepping into Revolution is offered as a 12 Month Commitment commencing on Beltaine, the time when we are invited to jump the Fire of Trust!

Through Stepping into Divinity - we are introduced and asked to embrace the Art of BEing! With Stepping into Mastery - we welcome and BEcome Compassionate Action = The State of Grace.

Here with Stepping into Revolution, we are now moved into action as we work to heal, restore and bring fully into is majesty - The Rose (Ley) Line!

Through the Divine Instruction of the Ruach ha Kodesh (The Holy Spirit)

Included: Workbook, all needed supplies and tools + more!

In Sessions 2-11 - we will meet Monthly on the 1st Saturday of each month from 10am-Noon.
During this time we will engage in a different aspect of the Rose Line and through the vibration we will encounter together REVOLUTION!
Offering the Advantageous Strategy of Love + Forgiveness = Compassion
into our world throughout 2021 and into 2022 bringing forth distinct diversity through our joined actions.

We will then meet the 2nd Saturday of each month from 6-8pm as a Study Group via Zoom.
This will offer an invaluable opportunity to share where we all feel this is going and how we are making a difference.

During our Final/12th Session - we will join in Unity as we Celebrate & Ascend more fully into our Majestic Divinity!

The Coding of the Sacred Revolution
of The Divine Feminine

In the first session, we will begin to gather our tools and Understand with Wisdom gained how to energetically bring the Divine Feminine vibration forth - fully healed, whole and recognised.

The 1st Stepping into Revolution will begin
​on June 5th!

Soul | Source | Force 

Investment: $1200.00
PIF and Save: $1100.00 due by May 1st 2021
$300 deposit required by May 1st. ​$100 monthly invoiced payments will be invoiced.