This is a scheduled 2-day Workshop. 
Saturday - 10am-5pm
Sunday - Noon-5pm

Each New Rose Master/Teacher goes home with:

Initiation of BEcoming
Full Set of the 7 VibraKeys & how to work with them
Rose Alchemy Card Set
‚ÄčThe Moses Code Tuning Fork Set
Rose Heart Vibrational Grid
Lemurian Crystal
Flash Drive with all the slides from the Practitioner and Master/Teacher training, all pictures and music.
All instruction needed to Teach the Healing Path of The Rose
Healing Path of The Rose - Stepping into Mastery Certification

Susanah Tamar Magdalena's assistance for as long as needed/desired.

Healing Path of The Rose
Stepping into Mastery Workshop

There are now 3 parts of Healing Path of The Rose!

Stepping into Divinity is offered in a 7-Part Teaching. During this time we delve into varied aspects of the self embracing the Elohim within. The Divine self is quickened and a reawakening occurs.

Stepping into Mastery takes the evolving self to a new level within Compassionate Action. This is the place where Divinity takes a life of its own in the place of full exposure.

This Weekend Workshop in TheWay of Teaching commences upon completion of The Healing of The Rose Teaching.

Each person participating in becoming a Master Rose Healer will receive all the tools, information, and energy transferences to complete where you began in Gathering of The Roses and concluded with your Celebration in "Working as a Rose Healer with Others" and receiving Certificate of Completion in the  Healing Path of The Rose. This Master/Teacher Certificate will give you the permission to teach the Healing Path of The Rose and to use all of the information I will offer to you that will enable your success.

Included is Susanah Tamar Magdalena as she will always be here as your Teacher, Mentor and Guide until time where this is no longer needed - whenever that may be.

Investment into Self-Mastery: $750.00
*$300.00 deposit required upon committing.

Stepping into Mastery is scheduled for October 30 & 31, 2021.