The Road to Empowerment is one of dedication and perseverance. It is the moving through eternal layers of 'dust' to find the gleaming sparkle underneath it all. It is the Revelation Point of Identity.

Dedication & Perseverance is first and fore-most to Self. Self is the zero point leading and is the Key Path to Divinity. 

My Key Word is Empowerment.
There is a Journey to this point of you. Once this is attained - Empowerment is addressed and allowed to step forward.

This is a personal 1-on-1 approach to bringing the Divine Feminine within into Healing, Wholeness and Empowerment.

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This is offered in a group setting. We will join every other week on Sunday evenings from 6-8:30pm. This is offered 'in-person' and via Zoom. I always encourage that you participate in-person if possible. Bonding doesn't occur on the same level when done virtually. The Zoom option is basically there for those outside the Denver area and/or for those who live some distance from Westminster and wouldn't be able to join otherwise.

We will join to delve deeply into the V Identifiable Divine Feminine (Magdalene) Wounds
‚Äčthat we all hold regardless of gender.

Rose Healing Intensive

If you find you are in the place of Desiring Freedom through Empowerment and the Liberation this brings, it is time you contact me. I offer different approaches to just this. 

We will begin with an Introduction - Complimentary

Investment into the 5 Sessions: $45 each or $180 if paid in full.

Whichever the choice, I will send invoices as agreed.

This is also offered personally & privately as 1-on-1 sessions.

Found within the Rose Heart Space - Individually & Collectively

Every seed I plant is nourished with the Hope & Dreams that lead to each person's achievement into the Place of Empowerment. In this emergence is the Pure Beauty of the Innate Soul.

Empowerment Definition: 
‚Äčthe process of gaining freedom and power - Liberation

Stepping into Empowerment