The Healing Path of The Rose
​Certified Teaching Series

There are now 3 parts of Healing Path of The Rose!

Stepping into Divinity is offered in a 7-Part Teaching. During this time we delve into varied aspects of the self embracing the Elohim within. The Divine self is quickened and a reawakening occurs.

The Vibration is intense, powerful & and holds the Potential of Probability of altering each person who enters this space in profound and life-altering ways.

Transformational Investment: $777.00
Pay in Full Price: $700.00

A NEW Teaching Series Commences on
Sunday, July 11, 2021
*Future Dates: TBD

*Contact Susanah if you have questions and/or
​need additional information.

The Portal Access Point to Divinity
offered in a Group and/or in a One-on-One Setting
​offered in a VII-Part Teaching Series 'in-person' and virtually.

Part I - Gathering of The Roses 

Parts II-VI
The Sacred Breath | The Sacred Sound | The Sacred Revelation | The Sacred Vibration | The Sacred Harmony

Part VII - Celebration of Completion

Offering Rose Healings to and for Others

All 7 parts must be completed in order to receive Certification in
The Healing Path of The Rose.

Susanah is now bringing these Teachings back into our world.
Transforming the vibrational imagery from 
Body | Mind | Soul
- to -
Soul | Force | Source.