What will accessing this statement do for you?

What Exactly is a Statement of Empowered Brilliance?

Investment: $43.00

offered 'in-person' and online via Zoom

2020 Summer Special:
​Only $25.00!

This Statement is directed by you through your Masters, Teachers & Guides. We will delve into the Akasha to connect vibrationally with your Divine Being - the Place of Personal Divinity. Through this process, a powerful piece of direct information comes through to align you with the I AM presence within.

Susanah guides you through a process of claiming this statement - moving past the I AM into the operative place of being an active participant within your Divinity.

This is a specific place of Empowerment offering a residual frequency of you that manifests into this world. This is attainable for all of us. It offers a foundational point of incorporating the past(s) and the future(s) fully into the present as we delve into truly accessing that we are Creators of our World!