Decide what it is you desire from your spiritual business. The Universe responds to what you put out.
Questions to ask yourself:
Is this a hobby?                                  4-8 hours a week commitment
Is this a part-time business?            15-20 hours a week commitment
Is this a full-time business?              40+ hours a week commitment (whatever it takes!)
Remember, what you put out is what you get.

People want to know you. They want to identify with you. They want to feel you can relate with them and their life’s journey.
Questions to ask yourself:
How relatable is your story? What does the story of your life offer to and for other individuals reaching out?
Remember, this is a hurting world and through we are LightWorkers – we have not come to this place without challenges.

People want to be able to access you and information about you. They do their research.  They want avenues to find you and information about you.
Questions to ask yourself:
How do you show up? Where to you show up? How accessible are you and your information?
Remember, how you show up and how available you are, is the “image” you are showing. 

People want to know who you are and what you offer. They are looking for clarity and transparency. This needs to be clearly stated and defined.
Questions to ask yourself:
Is what you offered clear? Does what you have presented make a clear statement – services?, price?, time? etc? Do all of your marketing materials match this presentation?
Remember, if your information is chaotic – the universe will respond offering chaos.

EVERYONE you meet is a potential client and therefore one to be added to your contact list of potentials.
Questions to ask yourself:
Am I gathering contact information? If so, am I integrating them into a format that they can be easily reached? If not, why?
Remember, each person you connect with could potentially be a client … even if they are a “friend”.

Consistency is THE Integral piece to Success! People want to see who you are and the only way they connect to this is through consistency. This is oftentimes grueling in the beginning. Decide what works for you and do it in the manner the fits your lifestyle and schedule.
Questions to ask yourself:
Am I consistent? Do I follow through? Have I created an image that can be trusted?
Remember, you are your own best advertising. How you follow-up and follow through is how you are remembered.

You are building a business and in this, you are not looking to develop “friendships”. (though they may occur) People want and need professionalism and they need to see this in you regarding spirituality.
Questions to ask yourself:
Is there a clear line of professionalism? Do you present yourself as a “business professional”? Do you take things personally?
Remember, NEVER share information offered in session work.

Complimentary      Discussion as to how you see yourself and the Spiritual Business you envision.


All things do not unfold as we, in the human experience, feel they “should”.
Trust in Divine Timing and Wisdom of the Universe.

I have developed what I consider 7 Key Steps to a Successful Spiritual Business.  This has come together over a time span of over 20 years of working as one who brings encouragement and empowerment to people - individually and professionally.

I am here to offer my experience in assisting you to find personal empowerment and Success!

Investment Rates

$75 an Hour Investment
Package Rate Investment: 10 hours $500.00

Session I                 Defining & Developing what you Desire
Session II                Personalizing Yourself
Session III               Developing Availability
Session IV               Creating Your Specialized Image
Session V                Developing & Setting up Contacts
Session VI               Consistency Tools
Session VII              Profession Look

Susanah Magdalena

offers Mentoring Programs

I have found 7 Fundamental                                     to a Successful Spiritual Business and am now bring this to YOU!

I personally have a deep belief that all people deserve to be happy and successful.
I believe that all the Gifts of Spirit are here for us and are already ours if we have the courage to step forward and embrace this Truth.
​ The Universe strives to our benefit - it is us who creates contradictions of what "success" is and looks like creating chaos within Universal Truth.

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