Rose Healing & Message Sessions typically last an hour and a half.
Your personal Investment in yourself for this experience is $124.00.

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Roses hold one of the highest vibrations found on this planet. The vibration of the 'other worldly' rose takes us (through the physical Amygdala) into the deepest recesses of our memories of this life as well as past lives. It is through this, each individual has the opportunity to move into the Rose Portal into Self-Actualization. This is where the Awareness of Surrender lies into the All that Is and we are transformed through this State of Grace.

Rose Message & Healing Sessions are offered in Sacredness
offering Safety and Security.

As you step into the Rose Sanctuary you are welcomed by the Beauty of the Rose Vibration waking your memories of the past to bring you fully into the present guiding your way to your future.

Working with the vibrant creations of Sandy Humby of Rose Alchemy we delve into the beautiful rose cards that hold Sacredness of their own as we delve into their message of wholeness, healing and empowerment within the Story of the Divine Feminine within each individual who comes into their presence.  

After the message is clear, we then move to the healing portion. At this time you will lie on a massage table (relaxing in the warmth and harmony of the BioMat) as we work with what the roses brought forth to bring forth healing that leads to wholeness. When this is achieved we find confidence within personal empowerment.