VII is a Holy Number for me and is associated spiritual in a myriad of ways and paths. I will be focusing throughout 2019 (and potentially beyond) is working with this primordial essence of the VII.

Within the VII is the V - or the V Wounds of the Divine Feminine (often referred to as the V Wounds of The Magdalene). It doesn't matter if you are in a male or female body, we all hold the vibration of the Divine Feminine & the Divine Masculine. In the time we are in now, it is paramount that we heal that vibration of the Divine Feminine for it is this energy that will then lead us to heal the Divine Masculine.

The V Wounds of the Divine Feminine | that of The Magdalene hold a distinct healing vibration with them. Once stepped into, profound results occur. The Rose Healing intensive is designed to take you through VII integral pieces to bring you into harmonized wholeness through SOMA well-being.

These sessions are individualized as needed. This is the foundation of what this looks like.

Session I - Discussion & Tree of Life Reading

As with Rose Message & Healing Sessions, Rose Healing Intensive is offered in Sacredness offering Safety and Security.

The difference is there is an intense level of commitment at this point. You who choose to step through this door to unveil that which within, does so within Sacred Contract. This will shift you in ways you never expected.

This is the 'boot camp' of Gentle Healing - oxymoron that it is.

Rose Healing Intensive is a VII Session commitment on your part as well as mine. It is a commitment to self. Your commitment is to bring yourself forward. My commitment is to be your guide in this process.

The Purpose of this is reflected by the results.

Developed for the person who is willing

We are in a time where the Divine Feminine is claiming her place.
This is THE Place of Wakening Empowerment that is the doorway to the Healing of the Sacred Masculine.
This is the reclaiming of Sovereignty within the Divine Right of Light.

Session II - Rose Healing - Healing the Wound of Abandonment - Transforming this to Self-Love
Session III - Rose Healing - Healing the Wound of Denial - Transforming this to Truth
Session IV - Rose Healing - Healing the Wound of Judgment - Transforming this to Forgiveness
Session V - Rose Healing - Healing the Wound of Separation - Transforming this to Surrender
Session VI - Rose Healing - Healing the Wound of Betrayal - Transforming this to Trust

Session VII - Ascension Integration Session

Each person participating in the Rose Healing Intensive will leave with a profound sense of Purpose and of the Understanding of the Wisdom of individual and personal Divinity.

Investment: $550.00
Payable in full or in 2 parts. 
‚Äč*Please contact me to schedule appointments.