Is there an aspect of Life that you feel the answer is right there at your fingertips but, you just can't seem to touch it?

Remember, the further we go down the 'rabbit hole' ... we often find things we wish we had never known. But, on the other hand ... it's better to know than to feel deceived or betrayed by life.

Spirit really feels what we are experiencing here on this planet is basically a 'blip' in time and therefore isn't so much interested in our love lives (except where it has to do with our soul's missions). They really aren't interested in the politics of our world. They are interested in how we live socially and the move towards harmony. Honestly, they aren't even interested in our happiness. They are interested in our evolution and integration.

This type of session requires specific questions you'd like answered. You will need to have these questions (written out) ready in a clear and concise manner if that is the type of answer you feel you require. You will come to me with these questions and I will reach out to all presences available who are allowed to come through with only the highest of intentions regarding aiding you on your Journey of Enlightenment. 

Through this approach you will receive the answers you are looking for. If you come with mundane questions, you will receive mundane answers. If you come with life changing and transformative questions, these are the answers you will receive.

It's sort of like the Genie in a Bottle. If we ask for things that aren't truly thought out, we wind up with nothing of value. But, if we give this effort and plan for that of the highest good ... transformation can truly begin.

These types of sessions generally don't last more than an hour. Longer than that becomes repetitive.
Investment: $124.00

Do you have questions and have you desired to go to someone and have those specific questions answered?