I have been offering Ascension Integration  (private sessions) for over 7 years and they have been so beneficial for those who experienced the process. The benefit has been felt on multiple levels of existence.

Physically | Emotionally | Mentally | Spiritually
Awakening the participants to new levels of Understanding Wisdom of Purpose.

Through the past few months, I have been in a process of what I am terming as “Quickening” – the fire of awakening within the depths of my soul. In this, much of what I am offering is too in a process of this deep transformation. Ascension Integration is part of what is in the place of alteration – deepening of consciousness on a myriad of levels.  This is taking us to a new place of acceleration of the innate soul source.

Opening us to the endless spectrum of connection
Spiritually | Mentally | Emotionally | Physically
The physical is last as this the place of illusion and seeing past the façade.

Ascension Integration is now connecting you through the vibrations of the Andromeda Gateway that has been wide open for almost 2 years now, the presence known as Aharona (The Exalted Light), and the Arcturian Star Council. The presence on this council that is working through me regarding AI is the one we refer to as the Mother Mary. She is working, as she has in the past, as a Teacher for me in bringing this new vibration forward.

Yes, Mary, The Magdalene is still present. Yes, Y’shua, The Christ is still present.
They are both being fully anchored within the vibration of The Mother in bringing us all fully into alignment of Harmony of the Awakening Divine Feminine. This is integral and must happen first so that this vibration may, in turn, heal the wounded Sacred Masculine.

~Susanah Magdalena 8.2019 

Ascension Integration


​Ascension Integrated Activations are encoded vibrations bring forth the opening of the 6th dimension that will quickly take us into the 7th Dimension. This is preparing us to move into the 8th dimension.  You will receive the Quickening of these coded vibrations to enhance cosmic connection & the Understanding of the Wisdom coming forth into our World ... our Kingdom.

What to Expect from Ascension Integration: This always varies but you will always receive information of empowerment.  This is through a journeying technique while in a deep meditative state that has been finely honed within Susanah Tamar Magdalena. This can happen through visiting various places on the planet, past life experiences that pertain to the now, traveling to various star systems and perhaps to the place of the Hall of Halls (the Akashic Records).  Each session ends with a very deep and unique style of healing that is, at this time being heightened and advanced through the energy of the Star of Bethlehem

Each session is designed to bring the individual closer and closer to the Wisdom & Understanding of unified Cosmic Reality. 

Individual Sessions: $142.00 (offered In-Person and via Skype, FaceTime & Zoom.

 As our thoughts create - Our hearts manifest.