Initiatory Consultations are always Complementary. Contact me to schedule yours!

     3-Month Commitment

  • Brilliance Statement
  • Rose Messages & Healings
  • Ascension Integration

It is my intent to continually do my best to meet you wherever you may be.

The Agreement of Commitment is to meet through our time together, weekly, in-person and via Zoom.

Investment: 3-month Commitment $800.00 | 6-month Commitment $1400.00

*Payment Plans are Available.

  • Healing found within Self-Love
  • Healing found within Truth
  • Healing found within Forgiveness
  • Healing found within Surrender
  • Healing found within Trust

     6-Month Commitment

  • Everything offered in the 3-month Commitment
  • 13 Strand DNA Convergence
  • Divine Harmonic Integration
  • Holy Harmonic Convergence

This is the Place of Bereshit בְּרֵאשִׁית stating 'In the beginning...' all is created from nothing.

This is a vibration utterance of all Creation stating
​YOU are stepping forward in Reclaiming YOU. In this Divinity BEcomes.

As your Personal Spiritual Mentor I am here to Guide you to the unfolding awakening of Personal Empowerment leading you to a new place of Healing & Wholeness within Personal Divinity.

Various Ascension & Healing Components

  1. Wound of Abandonment
  2. Wound of Denial
  3. Wound of Judgment
  4. Wound of Separation
  5. Wound of Betrayal

Mentoring is create uniquely
​aligning with your personal Divine purpose!

Key Point of Awakening into Personal Understanding & Wisdom.
​The 1st Step into truly BEcoming the Active Participant in the Creation of Your World.

Personal Spiritual Mentoring is offered in 3-month & 6-month commitments of success!

Included are the following (but not limited to):

  • Beginning with a XXXII Path Tree of Life Reading
  • Aligned with the re-establishment of Self-Trust
  • Working with Healing Paths of the 5 Identifiable Wounds of the Divine Feminine