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The Fifth Tarot

Healing Path of The Rose  will be offered in a Series of Teachings beginning in December of 2018.
This will also be offered as a One-on-One Teaching beginning in January of 2019..

Please see the Healing Path of The Rose  website for details.

*Contact Susanah to arrange scheduling beginning in December.

Thank you for your interest in working with me as a client either in person or at a distance using the phone/Skype/email, whichever is applicable. I am providing you with the following information so you can make an informed choice about your decision to engage my services. Please read my Client Agreement & Disclosure and my Policies & Procedures  carefully and let me know if there is any part you do not understand.

Moving Forward with Kabbalah  is ONLY offered One-on-One. This is for the student that has taken Kabbalah with Susanah Magdalena and wants to go further within the study of the Understanding and Wisdom of The Tree of Life.

Susanah has been working with and studying Kabbalah for about 7 years. Within the first couple of years she had a knowing that this teaching is an integral part of her walk with Mary, The Magdalene and Yeshua. The Teaching is familiar and one that she feels holds great value for the ones who wish to go deeper within to begin fully and accountable for each individual's created world - Past | Present | Future.

*Contact Susanah to schedule a time where discussion can be had as to where you'd like this to go. This will be created specifically for the individual as to what you'd like to delve in to. Scheduling and Price will be discussed at that point.

Learning About Tarot  is ONLY offered One-on-One. Susanah has taught this as a class in a group setting and is being shown to offer this individually. This is an extensive and in-depth approach to connecting with the Tarot as we move through each of the 78 cards of the traditional Tarot deck.

Susanah has been learning about and working with Tarot for approximately 25 years and is here to share her passion for this intrinsic and beautiful tool. She loves the history and stories regarding the cards as well as the mis-information and the reasons. She is here to share with you her knowledge as she feels this has the potential to take the intuitive person to new places on their journey.

*Contact Susanah for specifically designed time arrangement and price for each person ready to delve into this delectable delight!

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One-on-One Teachings w/Susanah Tamar Magdalena