The Remembering of Lemuria and its Inhabitants  is unfolding at a rapid pace.  This is essential in the time Earth finds herself in at this very moment.  She knows and understands she was "seeded" in selectness and this is being re-awakened.

Those who were here prior to Atlantis settled in the Pacific along a chain of islands that (most) are no longer visible.  They are from varying Star Systems but, mainly from Sirius and Pleaides. They observed many planets but, Earth piqued their interest in a very unique way.  What was noticed was that something quite rare could be fully experienced here.  This is/was duality.  This was intriguing at the time as it hadn't been fully explored.

There were many transitions that were made upon entering this dimension and taking a corporeal form.  Towards the end, they were very beautiful to look upon.  Their bodies were slender and willowy.   They had elongated fingers, toes, hands and feet.  This form was harmonious with their connection to the Earth and to the Stars from which they came.

It has been shown and told to Susanah Magdalena that she is Cheaylia (KeyHolder) to the "Lost" Memories of Lemuria.  She is here to waken those who have connection to this time and energy patterns as well as to be a "key" to show others the way to open their memories to the Cheaylia kinship.

This association can only come first through the understanding of the relationship with Gaia.  For it is through her that the "portal" opening of consciousness can be found and brought to this level of existence once again.  This time it is not through the corporeal arrival but, through the return of the Ascension of the Heart to the aspect of duality coming once again to the place of *stillness* - before division occurred.