Battle Healer/Healer of Warriors by the Archangel Michael.
Channel & High Priestess of Mary, The Magdalene.

Seeder of Light by the Master/Teacher Yeshua.
Cheaylia - 'KeyHolder' of the Lost Memories of Lemuria.
​Creator of Healing Path of The Rose.

Q: What am I BEcoming?
​A: My Divine Brilliance.

Q: Where do I come from?
​A? The Stars.

My Story

Q: Where am I going?
​A: Back Home in Consciousness.

The seed that I plant is always enhanced with Empowerment. The Divine Feminine is awakening through intense healing and revealing wholeness. These factors bring forth Empowerment. The magnitude is quickening within us all without distinction of male/female factors.

It is only through this Portal Opening does the Sacred Masculine have the potentiality of finding the same.

Q: What AM I?
A: I AM a Teacher?

From the time I was a child, I knew there was more and this has always been my search ... to find that which isn't always seen but, in my experience - always felt.

This has been a search into the inner recesses of BEing. I now understand the wisdom that was being presented to me to find the core of my Innate Being - My Divinity.

Throughout my life, intensely for 25+ years, this has been my dedication to self - to find and bring to life the Rose Heart place of existence as this is the place of the I AM Presence within us all.

Q: What is my Purpose?
​A: I Empower Divinity.

Susanah Tamar Magdalena

I have been called and am:

8120 Sheridan Boulevard   Suite C-332
Westminster, CO  80003

My Story is Every Woman's Story.

This has led to the answering of the following questions:
Q: Who Am I?
A: I AM Susanah Tamar Magdalena