A complimentary consultation is always offered in assisting you in choosing which Mentoring Package most suits your desires and needs at this time.

Please know that each package is private, confidential and personal. 

This is the place of Empowerment through Healing Trust.

There are 3 separate Mentoring Packages for you to choose from:

Neophyte Mentoring Package Includes:

  • 1 - 1 hour session to Gain Clarity and to State Intention.

           We will also create a customized calendar that works for both you and Susanah Magdalena.

Investment: $350.00 (Total Investment Value - $428.00)  *This is a 1-month process commitment.

Initiate Mentoring Package Includes:

Investment: $650.00 (Total Investment Value - $761.00)  *This is a 3-month process commitment.

Adept Mentoring Package Includes:

  • Everything included in #1 and #2 Mentoring Packages
  • 4 Private and Personal 2 hour Sessions working through the equation of: Forgiveness + Love = Compassion
  • Tree of Life Reading for insight, enlightenment and empowerment
  • Ascension Integrated Activated Session – to receive information as to the place you are now and the commitment to embracing that you are truly a cell within the body of “God”.
  • 1 – 1 hour session to create your “Statement of Joy” to embrace as each of your future days unfold.

Investment: $1500.00 (Total Investment Value - $1755.00  *This is a 6-month process commitment.

After our time together, you will feel a quickening deep within your soul.  This is the activation of your acceptance and of you embracing your Divinity.  From this point forward it will be, as it has always been, your choice as to what you do with the information and how you adhere to responsibility and accountability to yourself and your soul’s well-being and advancement. You will leave with an understanding of your path and where you are within your Divine Purpose. It will then be place of responsibility to take the action necessary to make this priority in your life.

Now is the time and this is the place to step forward with confidence and seize the day in becoming all your soul had designed for itself from the origin of your inception into being. This is the place of stepping fully into the Mastery of Self.

It is my personal intent and desire to assist each person along his/her path in the development of the Soul’s core. 
In this, to bring each individual into their full Divinity.

This is My Quickening. | This is My Dedication. | This is My Divinity.

Susanah Magdalena

if you have questions and/or need further information,
​or to set up your Complementary Consultation.

Personal Mentoring to Empowerment of Divinity
I have recently had a number of people request that I mentor them.  I haven’t been sure how this might look but am now receiving direction of how to proceed with this. Because of this, I am now being guided to take  one-on-one students to better meet individual needs.

If you and I agree that I am the one to mentor you to find your personal empowerment, please know this will be through various methods of actualizing your full potential.  In this, it is first required that you set an intention to dedication and perceverance, first and foremost, to yourself and your well-being through the aspects of accountability and responsibility.

Payment  can be easily made here.  All packages are to be paid in full or partial payment if applicable at the time of commitment.
​Again, please know a Complimentary Consultation is always offered prior if needed and/or necessary.

Susanah Magdalena 
offers Mentoring Programs