7 Key System to a Successful Spiritual Business

I have developed what I consider 7 Key Steps to a Successful Spiritual Business.  This has come together over a time span of over 20 years of working as one who brings encouragement and empowerment to people - individually and professionally.

I am here to offer my experience in assisting you to find personal empowerment and Success!


Thank you for your interest in working with me as a client either in person or at a distance using the phone/Skype/email, whichever is applicable. I am providing you with the following information so you can make an informed choice about your decision to engage my services. Please read my Client Agreement & Disclosure and my Policies & Procedures carefully and let me know if there is any part you do not understand.

Personal Mentoring to Empowerment of Divinity

I have recently had a number of people request that I mentor them.  I haven’t been sure how this might look but am now receiving direction of how to proceed with this. Because of this, I am now being guided to take  one-on-one students to better meet individual needs.

If you and I agree that I am the one to mentor you to find your personal empowerment, please know this will be through various methods of actualizing your full potential.  In this, it is first required that you set an intention to dedication and perceverance, first and foremost, to yourself and your well-being through the aspects of accountability and responsibility.