Kabbalah is an ancient Esoteric Teaching based on Judaism.

It has shifted and changed through the years and been adopted by various religious and spiritual principles.
Kabbalah (K) - Jewish 

Qabbalah (Q) - Hermaticism (Occult Magick)
Cabbalah (C) - Christianity

I personally love the aspect of the Jewish component and therefore spell what I offer with a K. With that being said, what I offer does have components of magick and Christian viewpoints imbedded within.

*Register & PrePay the Deposit of $100.00 for the Weekend Workshop by March 1st and receive the book ‘Essential Kabbalah’ by Daniel C Matt as my gift to you.

*Register for the Weekend Workshop, the 5 following workshops & Pay In Full for all mentioned: $525.00 and receive additionally the book ‘The Energy of Hebrew Letters’ by Rav Berg as my gift to you.

I have been teaching Kabbalah for approximately 7 years and love what this brings to each individual. I have found and been shown that the methodology that I have used in the past is no longer relevant and am therefore in the process of restructuring how I present this Teaching.

I am now bringing Kabbalah back! New & Revised – with so much interaction through meditation, breathing exercises, prayer and more to connect to the various emanations each sefirot brings to life!

Introduction - Weekend Workshop: Saturday 11am-4pm - Introducing the various elements of Kabbalah & The Tree of Life

                                                  Sunday 1-5pm - Creating a Grid of The Tree of Life to enhance Experiential Connection

Each of the following will be on Sunday afternoons from 1-5pm

Stepping into the World of Assiah (experiencing The Kingdom of Malkuth)
Flying High in the World of Jetzirah (creating through Yesod, Hod & Netzach)

Flowing through the World of Briah (swimming through Tiphareth, Geburah & Chesed)

Embracing the World of Atziluth (smoldering passionately through Binah, Chokhmah & Kether)

Exploring & Entering Ein Sof - The Place PreExisting before 'God' - Prior to the VII Days of Creation

Introductory Weekend Workshop includes everything needed to pursue individual studies.
Investment: $225.00 *$100.00 deposit required
*Includes Booklet, everything needed for your Grid (cloth, stones, orgon platonic solids) 

Each of the following 5 workshops are priced individually.
$60.00 per workshop

The Beauty of anything that holds elements of "The Mystery" is that because the "mysteries" are in all Teachings & Traditions, they can be found in anything we delve into. Separation is that which leads to our destruction. It is only through Harmonized Union do we find the passion of our soul's longings.

Kabbalah offers just this! It offers an approach to making sense of Spirit within the workings of our Physical World. It is a practical 'road map' offering great rewards to the one who steps into its many and varied branches.

Kabbalah isn't a religion. There is no book called "Kabbalah".

Kabbalah is an esoteric and passage way of the Gnostic - the one who receives enlightenment through direct experience.

Everything is within Kabbalah and Kabbalah is within Everything.
~Susanah Magdalena