Kabbalah I

This is designed as an 8-part class series is for the person who has explored a bit about Kabbalah but, wishes to gain deeper knowledge.  It is equally an enlightening experience for the person who has no knowledge at all of Kabbalah or what it potentially is.
*No knowledge of Kabbalah is required or necessary.

This class series has been developed to bring each individual who steps into this aspect of “the mystery” to a place of accountability and responsibility.  For, as creators of our world, we have been part of our life/lives as they “have been”, where they are in the moment of the now, and the potential future that is in front of us as humans.  It is at this point where one truly sees and acknowledges the powerful potential we all hold.

We are all worthy of all of the Gifts of Spirit which are already ours.  This takes us into the deepest aspects of worthiness and acceptance and multiple layers/levels at different times and yet at the same time.

The classes are broken down into an easily understandable approach to understanding Kabbalah and in by bringing forth practical ways to utilize the information in everyday life.

Introduction to Kabbalah’s Tree of Life
Introduction to Kabbalah’s Tree of Life IV Worlds
Archetypes and the Tree of Life
Angels of the Sefiroth (Light/Dark)
XXII Pathways & Tarot’s Major Arcana Association – Part I
XXII Pathways & Tarot’s Major Arcana Association – Part II
The Sefiroth & Tarot’s Minor Arcana Association
Introduction to the XXII Pathways of the Tree & the XXII Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet

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There are various classes and workshops periodically offered as extensions of Kabbalah I.
Creating Kabbalah Tree of Life Grid Workshop
Expanding on the Archetypes and The Tree of Life
Exploring the Hebrew Alphabet

Often referred to as the "soul" of the Torah or "The Law", Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish tradition which teaches the deepest insights into the essence of G‑d, His interaction with the world, and the purpose of Creation. Sometimes called "the Inner Torah" or the "Wisdom of Truth", it offers a comprehensive overall structure and plan for the universe, as well as a detailed understanding of the particulars of our lives. The student of Kabbalah is made aware of the personal as well as the collective rectification process and is encouraged to play an active part in it.

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