This is to take you fully into the fully activated 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th Chakras of activated Enlightened Access.
The 13th Chakra is that of Unconditional Love that has been symbolized as a Rose.

Artist: Rosa-Maria Marquez​

Ex: What is Susanah? A) a Teacher    
What does the Teacher that Susanah is teaches? A) Divine Empowered Brilliance
Susanah’s Brilliance Statement: I Empower Divinity.

Elohim as a collective of ‘Gods’ (neither masculine or feminine) but, simply Truth. Within Truth, there are breaches or branches that form to attend to the needs of the varying species of sentient forms throughout the Universes.

Elohim stands directly within the vibration of what is humanly perceived as ‘love’ but doesn’t stop there. This ‘love’ is expanded out into a harmonious vibrational expression of miltha (vibrational utterance) that reverberates in the core of all existence.  This does not segregate but is available to all within ‘oneness’. 

Though ‘oneness’ is a concept of BEing, it is too a concept of Holy Harmony.

Holy Harmony Integration is an Instruction of Elohim to enhance the human vibration to accelerate through the Activations of the 3, 6 and 9. 

As each person receiving is activated through the use of specified tuning forks aligning with intent of Divine Brilliance through the expressed Spiritual DNA. This brings each individual directly into the Portal of the Rose Heart Awareness. 

Holy Harmony of Elohim is a 3-part Process of Activated Awareness.

You will first meet with Susanah via Zoom as she acts as a Guide
in the creation of your personal Statement of Divine Empowered Brilliance. (30 minutes)

It is through these frequencies that Elohim exists and comes forward into the human presence within the framework of the Unified Field of Consciousness.

Elohim has been with Susanah since the beginning of time, as Elohim has been with all. Susanah hears, acknowledges and creates through Elohim’s existence and in this she brings the vibration of vociferation (the miltha that cries out loudly). This cry is reaching inwards through the Rose Heart Center as a human access Portal into Divinity.

As Tesla stated, “If we understood the power of the 3, the 6 and the 9

we would have the Key to the Universe.”

This is through the conception of the Golden Ratio that replicates throughout galaxies, star formations, evolution and almost all natural systems.

Session I          You will receive 3 Activations of Elohim presence. (please allow 90 minutes)

  • Activation of the Rose Heart Portal of Divine Brilliant Intent.
  • Activation of the I AM that I AM of Elohim.
  • Activation of the Divine Elohim within.

Session II         You will receive 9 Activations of Elohim Presence. (please allow 90 minutes)

  • Activation of Grounding within the Earthly Kingdom of Elohim.
  • Activation into the Source of Elohim.
  • Activation of the Intelligence of the Infinite Creation of Elohim.
  • Activation of the Doorway of the Divine Creativity of Elohim.
  • Activation to the Command Center of Elohim.
  • Activation to the Illumination of Elohim.
  • Activation to the Deeper Access of Elohim.
  • Activation into the Blessed Abundant Light of Elohim.
  • Activation into The Portal into Self of the Activated & Actualized Elohim within.

Your Activations Includes (but is not limited to) the vibrations of:

  • The I AM that I AM Holy Presence
  • Activated Lemurian Crystal (wands)
  • Activated Essential Oils
  • Numeric Codings
  • Tuning Forks

Investment: $225.00

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Offered (preferably) in-person & via Zoom!