Regarding Divinity, I was taken deep within in the exploration process of Understanding the Wisdom of Divinity. It is my personal understanding that Divinity is who and what we are - regardless of the life or place our soul decides to explore.

I have always know I AM a Teacher and have a keen understand this is my Divinity. But... I always knew there was more to this.  This was the advent of taking me further to find out more. 

I have taught many things throughout the years but I knew, somewhere, there was more and this was specific to and for me. But, what could this be? I then came to an understanding that I remembered my full life at the time of Y'shua & Mary, The Magdalene. But... again what was the meaning of remember all of this? What point did it serve? How did this apply to my life now? These questions propelled me to a Q & A Session with my team (led by Mary, The Magdalene).

I then realized that within these memories:
I remembered the healings that were done | I remembered how the healings were done |
and I remembered being the creator of a Teaching of these Healings
for those that were struggling to step into and BEcome their Divinity.

This was an enormous 'aha' moment. I was shown I was to bring these Teachings back into the world of human-kind. Now was the time and this is what I was in this life to BE and to DO. 

At this time, I have stepped fully into my Divinity and am here bringing back the Teaching of what I call
Healing Path of The Rose.



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What Exactly is

Healing Path of The Rose?

I have worked with Aromatherapy for over 25 years and have known about the high frequency of the scent of roses but, didn't have all the pieces of the puzzle until recently. In my channeling and in being part of the vibrations of Y'shua & Mary, The Magdalene - I had no clue as to why he referred to her as his Rose.

Now I know and have no doubt of the Rose and of Mary and what each offer to those who reach out in receptivity.

The reason Aromatherapy works is wide-scoped but, there is an aspect of scent triggering the amygdala. The amygdala is the 'seat of memories' and in this is the trigger point that taps into the memories of this life and of all aspects of life - Past | Present | Future and all the places in between. 

The Rose is other-worldly. The manifestation on our world is a lovely plant that offers an exquisite bloom that holds a scent powerful enough to take us out of this world and into the worlds beyond. 

The reason we are disappointed when we dive into a rose to breathe in its scent only to find the scent is so faint lies within this that it holds. We do not get the anticipated 'hit' into the deepest recesses of who and what we are at multiple levels and therefore - we feel, in a sense, betrayed by the rose.

It is time that we learn this vibration lies within us all and there is a plethora of ways to explore this once again.

I have been asked this and am here to clarify what Healing Path of The Rose is and what it is not.

I feel anytime something 'new' or perhaps not experienced within conscious memory, many are reluctant to step into what is offered because of basically fear and/or apprehension of the perceived unknown.  Many times though, as with this Teaching, this is not something new ... it is simply re-emerging into our physical world of existence.

First of all, Healing Path of The Rose is NOT a modality. A modality has a stricture of structure that Mystic Teachings do not hold. This is an esoteric mystical journey within bringing us further as buried memories are moved into forefront consciousness. There is a flow and graceful ease within the movement of the vibrations Healing Path of The Rose brings forward.

This Teaching holds valuable information regarding connecting with frequency (as this is the zero point of connection ... the place where oneness occurs).  It has the probably potential of assisting each person into accessing his/her Divinity and Stepping fully into this. Throughout the VII-Part Teaching of Healing Path of The Rose, you are invited into her multiple folds and are taken on a quantum journey into the Rose Heart Space - the vibration of the innate BEing that is simply lying dormant within.

The information contained on this website and accompanying blogs (collectively “website”), including ideas, suggestions, techniques, social media postings, methods, videos, articles, and other materials, is educational in nature and is provided only as general information and is not medical or psychological advice.

Transmission of the information presented on this website is not intended to create and receipt does not constitute a client-practitioner relationship between Susanah Tamar Magdalena (aka Tami Harms), The Beloved Heart Source and/or any associated entities. Information found here or anything related with The Beloved Heart Source is not to be relied upon as coaching, spiritual, medical, psychological or other professional advice of any kind or nature.

What is the Origin of Healing Path of The Rose?

My Invitation to you

We are in a time of full disclosure
​offering a powerful momentum of:

Through this we BEcome ‘tikkun olam’ 
– Repair of the World(s).

Why work with Roses?

Identifying what Healing Path​ of The Rose is and what it offers us as individuals;
that then has the opportunity to reach the collective and all sentient aspects of Earth.

This takes us further than ever into the re-gaining Trust
that that we are innately Divine - that we are Elohim.

Healing Path of The Rose is a Vibrational Portal of Divine Access of Awareness.

Healing Path of The Rose is THE Place of re-learning how to BE Spiritual 1st!

Healing Path of The Rose is the Quickening into the Elohim vibration that is our inheritance.