Regarding Divinity, I was taken deep within in the exploration process of Understanding the Wisdom of Divinity. It is my personal understanding that Divinity is who and what we are - regardless of the life or place our soul decides to explore.

I have always know I AM a Teacher and have a keen understand this is my Divinity. But... I always knew there was more to this.  This was the advent of taking me further to find out more. 

I have taught many things throughout the years but I knew, somewhere, there was more and this was specific to and for me. But, what could this be? I then came to an understanding that I remembered my full life at the time of Y'shua & Mary, The Magdalene. But... again what was the meaning of remember all of this? What point did it serve? How did this apply to my life now? These questions propelled me to a Q & A Session with my team (led by Mary, The Magdalene).

I then realized that within these memories: 
I remembered the healings that were done | I remembered how the healings were done | 
and I remembered being the creator of a Teaching of these Healings 
for those that were struggling to step into and BEcome their Divinity.

This was an enormous 'aha' moment. I was shown I was to bring these Teachings back into the world of human-kind. Now was the time and this is what I was in this life to BE and to DO. 

At this time, I have stepped fully into my Divinity and am here bringing back the Teaching of what I call 
Healing Path of The Rose.

My Invitation to you if you'd like to delve into this further to go to the full information regarding Healing Path of The Rose!