Weekend Workshop in TheWay of Teaching offered upon Completion of Certification in The Magdalene Healing Teaching. Each person participating in becoming a Master Magdalene Healer will receive all the tools, information, and energy transferences to complete where you began with:

                                                                       and concluded with "Working as a Magdalene Healer with

                                                                       Others" and receiving Certificate of Completion in the 
​                                                                       Healing of The Magdalene.

*Working as Magdalene Healers on Others"

In the Beginning and Working as Magdalene Healers on Others begin and end as 2 hour sessions.
Investment: $25 each 

The Sacred Breath | The Sacred Sound | The Sacred Revelation | The Sacred Vibration | The Sacred Harmony

Investment: $153.00 each 6-hour session

*All 7 aspects must be completed in order to receive Certification as a Magdalene Healer.

This is a 7-Part Certification Program. Each person will leave with the "Mysteries" Knowledge regarding the healings of Mary, The Magdalene and her Beloved, the Master Jeshua. The information shared comes from Susanah's memory and knowing. She remembers the healings that were done when she was with Mary and Jeshua when they were here on this Earth in the physical.  She also remembers the teachings and how this was shared to us, the followers and students of the Gnostic Teachings.

The teachings are offered in an intensive time together as we join in becoming, once again, "Magdalenes". This is brought forward in an environment of Sacredness through prayer, meditation, anointing and more. This is an interactive approach to working with this viable energy.

Become a Certified Magdalene Healer

Join me for "Are you a Magdalene?" Discussion & Sharing Group.

Private Healing Sessions w/Susanah Magdalena - 1 Hour Healing & Discussion - $75.00

Become a Certified Magdalene Master Healer/Teacher

Pay In Full - $765.00       *$125.00 Savings Value
*making "In the Beginning" and "Working as Magdalene Healers on Others" Complementary

+ Healing Session w/Susanah Tamar Magdalena

2 - 4 hour sessions    $306.00

Includes Certification in the Teaching of Healing of The Magdalene

The Sacred Breath of The Holy Spirit
The Sacred Sound of Creation
The Sacred Revelation of Aspiration
The Sacred Vibration of Manifestation
The Sacred Harmony of Union

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Healing of The Magdalene

Through this, we become "tikkun olam"
- Repair of the Worlds -

Susanah has a fully awakened memory and knowing of the Healings offered by Mary, The Magdalene and the Master Teacher Jeshua. 

She is here now bringing TheWay of Healing back into the fully awakened consciousness so that we may all return to our Soul's fully Awakened State of Being. In this, we all are Magdalenes.

(the place where we all start)

Easily PrePay

Magdalene Healing Teaching offered: