A: Rose Message & Healing Sessions: We work together to identify strengths and challenges to support & empower your endeavors. These are beautiful and intense, offering immeasurable ways to access success in one's life through researching places of looping patterns that no longer serve.

Rose Healing Intensive: We work distinctly with and through V Identifiable Wounds of the Divine Feminine (Magdalene) bringing them fully to the surface to reinforce healing through viable means; bringing each person fully into Wholeness, Healing & Empowerment. 

Ascension Integration: This is a channeled & healing session where you receive information from the Akasha regarding Purpose. This experience is to aid you in understanding your are not alone and specifically who/what is there to assist you in your success.

When you are Successful, We are Successful
Channeled from the Collective

This is to create a sense of Understanding & Wisdom of Purpose and Divinity ... who and what you are microcosm/macrocosm. This is empowering to say the least offering a place of compassionate action leading to confidence within your innate BEing.

Clairvoyant Channeled Messages: These sessions are offered utilizing different tools and/or whatever might be called for in bringing forth the channeled wisdom of connection between my 'team' and yours. This is done with the intent of bringing forth whatever is in the highest and best needed at the very moment of the now.

Q & A Channeled Sessions: This is THE opportunity to ask questions!  You are asked to have questions prepared before coming in. The more clear and concise your questions are result in clear and concise answers. This is for the person who is looking for direct guidance regarding messages of a Spiritual nature. (Questions regarding love life, and other external situations aren't answered with the same degree of delineation.)

*Each are offered 'in-person' and via Zoom - the only difference is I will connect in a different way to your oversoul, guides, teachers, etc to facilitate the same results but through varied distance connections.

 A: I always ask that you drink plenty of water prior to a session and that you come with an open & willing heart.

 A: Life Purpose | Present Life Challenges | Relationships | Connections w/Guides, etc | Endeavors

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General Disclaimer

Please see the Testimonials associating with the varying categories
to see what others have experienced.

A: For now, you will need to contact me directly via email.   thebelovedheartsource@gmail.com

A: Cash, Personal Checks, PayPal (with or without a PayPal account), Venmo

 A: Classes/Workshops: Full Refunds (less fees) 1 week prior to the event.
     Private Sessions: No Refunds allowed.
     * Of course, there are always situations where Refunds are Discretionary.

A: A Medium is one who brings forth our loved ones who have passed.
A Channel is one who allows a non-physical energy and/or presence to enter our awareness in a variety of ways for the purpose of communicating with living beings on our planet. As channels, we may or may not be conscious of the information coming through.
I am a Channel. I am not a Medium.

A: I do not. I keep myself and my area clear. I have worked with Mary, The Magdalene exclusively for many years. She has assured me the reason for this is so I will understand exactly who she is and not be deceived. She is the one who is the 'filter' for all the others who want/need to come through. I trust her implicitly.