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"Magdalene Mystery School"

Synergistic Healing Massage
Tarot Class Series

Payments can be easily made through PayPal:

Love Offerings - Any Amount can be offered through PayPal.

Kabbalah I Class Series
Chart of Origin Options
Kabbalah I Class Series - Extended
Ascension Integration
ReKindled Spirit 2017
Synergistic Healing Concept
Magdalene Channeling (Group)
The Heart of Elohim
Reiki for Kids

Payments can be easily made through PayPal:

​Ascension Integration - $150.00 (1 and 1/2 hours needed)
Synergistic Healing Concept Session - $85.00 (1 Full Hour)​

Synergistic Healing Massage - $65.00 (1 Full Hour)

Channeled Readings & Energy Healings (Reiki) - Love Offering
Magdalene Channeling - $20.00 (group session)



Kabbalah I Class 8-part Series - $55.00 per class/$385 if paid in full by the beginning of the 1st class
"The Fool's Journey" Tarot Class 7-part Series - $30.00 per class + $25.00 required workbook

Heart of Elohim 3-Session Series - $55.00 per session (Certification of Completion given at the completion of all 3 sessions.)
   *Master/Teacher Workshop - $300.00 (Master/Teacher Certification Awarded)

Synergistic Healing Concept Workshop for Practitioners - Complimentary


*Other classes are periodically offered for varying prices.

For Details Regarding Classes, Workshops and more that are offered,
please check out the following or contact Susanah Magdalena.

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