Synergy  has been created to synergistically work with anything. Wear it as a perfume or use it in meditation for a deep connective way inward.  This blend is designed to assist in any way needed - Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

Sandalwood | Frankincense | Palo Santo
The Essence of the Holy Sanctum Within

2ml $10.00 | 5ml $25.00 | 2oz Spray $20.00

Aharona אַהֲרֹנָה Exalted Light has been created as an enhancement to Synergy. This blend is the essence or scent of the Andromeda Gateway as it first presented itself to me.  This scent ushered the presence of Aharona forward in all her delightful joy!

Sandalwood | Frankincense | Palo Santo | Jasmine

This is the Essence of the Joy of the Galactic Soul

2ml $15.00 | 5ml $35.00 | 2oz Spray $30.00

Both are diluted by a highly charged blending oil.
Both are offered in 2ml and 5ml sizes.

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Essences of
The Secrets Within