Susanah Magdalena has a deep resounding awareness that each of us in this human conditioning need to be as whole and healthy as possible to be able to bring forth the healing of our world and that of the human race.  She has often said that if each person simply had within them the knowledge of how to utilize the most basic of Reiki (that which is found in Reiki Level I - Shoden | The Beginning) the world would be a totally different place.

Reiki Level I is the level where the healer embraces the consciousness to work on healing for themselves, taking accountability and responsibility (perhaps for the first time) in their own health and well-being. In this comes a new sense of freedom and the blessings that come with this awareness.

Universal Life Force is available to us all and is transferred individually to those who have need.  Susanah is here as a facilitator of this brilliant energy.

Reiki energy healing is always offered for a Love Offering and can be done in-person and/or by distance.