Rose Healing Intensive
​VII is a Holy Number for me and is associated spiritual in a myriad of ways and paths. I will be focusing throughout 2019 (and potentially beyond) is working with this primordial essence of the VII.

Session I         Gathering: Rose Message and Healing Session (1.5 hours)

Session II        Healing Focus: The Energy of Fire: bringing forth Mary, The Magdalene
Session III       Healing Focus: The Energy of Water: bringing forth the Mary, The Mother
Session IV       Healing Focus: The Energy of Air: bringing forth Susanah Tamar
Session V        Healing Focus: The Energy of Earth: bringing forth Miriam (the sister of Moses)
Session VI       Healing Focus: The Energy of Stillness: bringing forth Holy Harmony
*Each session includes various associations: VibraKeys, Essential Oils, Sacred Geometry and more…
*Each session is approximately 1 hour

Session VII     Celebrate Receiving: Rose Message and Healing Session (1.5 hours) 

This Rose Healing Intensive is created to be offered weekly. 
Individual Session Investment: Sessions I & VII - $160.00 each | Sessions II-VI - $124.00 each
Pay in Full Investment: $750.00 (saving $190.00)
Payment Options: Pay In Full or Pay ½ 1 week prior to the 1st appointment and the 2nd ½ 1 week prior to the 4th appointment.

Thank you for your interest in working with me as a client either in person or at a distance using the phone/Skype/email, whichever is applicable. I am providing you with the following information so you can make an informed choice about your decision to engage my services. Please read my Client Agreement & Disclosure and my Policies & Procedures carefully and let me know if there is any part you do not understand.

Empowerment Package II
This is designed for the committed individual who is at the place of desiring to go very deeply within for answers, clarification and insight.
This is for the individual who is ready to do the work necessary to create change in all areas of life. 

This intensive package is set up to empower, enliven and reawaken the individual to true source of origin. Through working with the Akashic Records, your higher self and so much more - together we will Unlock the Secrets of YOU Within at the deepest core level of the innate being.

Empowerment Package II

Those who wait upon Yahweh,
they shall renew their strength.
They shall mount up with wings like eagles. T
he shall run and not be weary.
​They shall walk and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31

Rose Healing Intensive

Empowerment Package I
This is to assist the individual looking to find clarity regarding purpose, intent, empowerment and more. This package offers the individual the opportunity to step full into accountability and responsibility as being the Creator of their own world. With the assistance of Susanah Magdalena as your guide helping you to unlock your secrets within, you will have the opportunity to step into personal empowerment at a myriad of levels enabling you to be an active participant in the world exactly as you'd like it to be.

Empowerment Package I

The potential of your Divine Being is just waiting beyond the veil of the Mystical Understanding of Wisdom.

Through the Rose Healing Intensive, Susanah will assist you in uncovering the intensity of your soul's Passionate Divinity.
The healing brought forth is profound to say the least and will shift your layers of consciousness in a myriad of ways.

The time of spiritual crisis is over.
​The time of Harmony is awakening in our world with the advent of the New Age of Aquarius.
When you are ready to step into your Soul's Purpose, this has the potential to be the Key that Unlocks your innate awareness.

We delve deep into the Rose Essence of the core of the Be-ing to 
​Unlock the Secrets Within!

This is an approximate 3-month commitment to yourself
You will receive, after an initial consultation, an Introductory Ascension Integration Session. This session is recorded and sent via email to you for your perusal.
2 weeks following the Ascension Integration Session - you will receive a Rose Healing Session.
3 weeks following the initial Rose Healing Session - you will receive another.
3 weeks following, you will receive a Rose Message and intense Rose Healing Session (combined) recorded and sent to you via email.

This is an intensive 3-month commitment to yourself

Initial Consultation (1 hour)

Week I - You will receive, after an initial consultation, an Introductory Ascension Integration Session. (1.5 hours)
Week II - You will receive a Rose Healing Session. (30 minutes)
Week III - You will experience the 'Tikkun Olam' Transference. (1.5 hours)
Week IV - You will receive a Rose Healing Session. (30 minutes)
Week V - You will experience the Christ Consciousness Transference. (1.5 hours)
Week VI - You will receive a Rose Healing Session. (30 minutes)
Week VII - You will experience the Love Transference. (1.5 hours)
Week VIII - You will receive a Rose Healing Session. (30 minutes)
Week IX - Rose Message & Intensive Rose Healing Session. (1.5-2 hours)
Week X - Discussion as to where you feel you are now and a sealing Rose Healing Session. (1.5 hours)