Tarot is broken down in multiple ways: the 1st split is within the Major and Minor Arcana (or laws/directions).

The Major Arcana is the Journey we all take within life from the time we are born and the series of events and experiences we take in our personal development and ascension into Returning Home - Back to Oneness of the Creator God I AM. The Minor Arcana fleshes the experience(s) out, offering insight and wisdom into the How | When | Where | Who of WHAT is happening.

There are many associations and references within Tarot - Astrology | Numerology | Kabbalah & more.

If and when you feel you are ready to delve into the DeMystifying of The Tarot this is where you will come!

I have a deep love for the history, correspondences, associations and emergence of the Tarot and this is what I bring to you when you enter any of my Tarot classes or anything else that includes Tarot within the Teachings I offer.

I offer 2 separate groups called DeMystifying The Tarot that I invite you to join.
These groups meet weekly. The cost is $20 per class or $60 per month (payable by the 1st class of each month).

Tuesday Group meets each week: 6:30-9pm
‚ÄčSunday Group meets each week: 9-11:30am

At the Opening of each New Year, I offer ReKindled Spirit - Tarot Review.
This is offered in a group setting (limited to 12 attendees)
and is offered in various locations, days & times throughout the month of January.
We go through each month of the year that holds a specific energy pattern. The month is associated with a card from the Major Arcana. I assist each person offering a symbolic 'mini' reading for each month and how it pertains to the energy of the month and to the specific person as I am guided.
I have 1 more ReKindled Spirit Workshops scheduled for Sunday, January 26th 2020 - 11am-3:30pm.

There are Review Updates scheduled for March, June & September!

Through January & February I offer extensive individual Readings regarding the year and what will potentially unfold.
Contact me before the end of February if you'd like to receive this type of Tarot Reading.
‚ÄčInvestment: $124.00

If Tarot is used simply for Divination, a great dis-service is done
to this beautiful tool of Discovery.
~Susanah Magdalena