The Beloved Heart Source

"Magdalene Mystery School"

Susanah Magdalena has a keen understanding of who she is and what she is here on this planet to be and to do.  Through deep introspection and enlightenment, she has answered the following questions.
1. Who am I?
Answer: I am one who holds myself accountable and responsible in consciousness that I am a co-creator of the world I live in.   

2. What am I?
In this, I am a teacher and am here to share these aspects that have the potential of bringing forth individual empowerment through knowledge and awareness.

3. Where do I come from?
I come from the stars ... from Siruis and Pleiades (that I am aware of at this time) though I know there are varying aspects to this as well.  
4. Where am I going?
I am going back home in awareness and in light to the beginning of the All that Is of which I am part.
5. What is my Purpose?
I am here on this planet to do and to be ~ authenticity. I am who I am and what you see is what you get.  I can be no more and no less.

I offer teachings that are part of the Mystery of the Unfolding Knowledge of the Ages.  Everything that is share in this manner is to assist each person find the depth of who they are so that they may walk their path with eagerness and confidence.

Kabbalah - Though I am neither a male or Jewish, I do offer my unique flavor of this ancient teaching.  Even though it is much a solitary study, it is through discussion and interaction that we often find the most intense connection.  These classes are made available to do just this.  They are kept to a 5 student maximum so there is intimacy, comradely and a sense of "safety" within what is experienced and shared.

Tarot- I love the intrinsically and beautiful tool known as Tarot.  It's rich unfolding history has always piqued my interest.  In sharing the Tarot, I do so from the point of view  that if one uses the Tarot simply as a tool of Divination, one does it a great disservice. This is a learning tool in which we as individuals and see and find our unique journey just as it is and how it shifts, changes and develops.

Synergistic Healing Concepts- This is something new on the table of what I offer. Designed to support the practitioner in understanding the tools he/she holds and how this can be utilized into daily life, practice and the integration with other modalities, etc.

Faires!  I, in conjunction with a few other people, organize and host faire throughout the year.  I am looking for the expansion of this into weekend workshops, retreats and more!  Watch me fly!

Classes, Workshops & Events