As we move further from the 3D existence of our past(s), we slip deeper within this 5D experience leading us into 6D and 7D rather quickly.

This is the place of the Unexplained as Parallel Universes mesh and aspects of the division of self comes into Unified Harmony. Unified Field becomes more and more prevalent and we step into the Unveiling Mystery.

I am a Clairvoyant with the primary gift of Clairaudience.
I *hear* and through this experience what it is you are seeking to find. 

In this type of session, I utilize varied tools I have worked with for years.

Tarot | Oracle | Crystals | Grids | Kabbalistic Associations | Pendulum 
My Inherent Gift as a Channel always comes through.

Through methodology you will receive answers you seek ... known and unknown | conscious and unconscious.
The information I am given is clear and concise.
It can be esoteric but always with a very sensible undertone that can be taken into every aspect of your life.

The clearer you are with what you are seeking ... the clearer your information will show itself.
The Universe only responds to Harmony. It is very difficult for it to respond to chaos and/or disharmony.

Bring your passions ... your desires ... your quest for knowledge and I will lead you into the seemingly unknown
offering Wisdom & Insight as I stand here in the place of your Guiding Light for our time together.

Investment: $124.00