Susanah Magdalena offers this perfect opportunity for you to find clarity regarding 1 specific situation in your life. As an Open Channel she will make herself available to and for you and that which is in your highest and best. 

In this she opens to her guides as well as yours to bring forth the information that will offer you the validation you are seeking. This is to bring you to a place of empowerment with the full ability to move onwards in your life.

After receiving this information Susanah will send you a recorded file via email with your personal channeled message.

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1. Contact Susanah via the "Schedule an Appointment". 
     *Please remember this is for 1 question only!

2. Subject Line: Channeled 1 Question Message

3. Message: Please state your question.

4. Easily Make your $35.00 payment by clicking HERE.

5. Within 24 hours, Susanah will respond with your Channeled Message.

How This Works

Channeled 1 Question Message