​Ascension Integrated Activations is a 6th-10th dimensional source of information and takes Ascension Integration to a new level. For the past year, I have been going through a processed transformation that has recently completed - or rather a level of it is completed. In this I was fully intertwined with the energy of the Galaxy of Andromeda. Andromeda has opened its arms to me and welcomed me fully in its fold.  When this was finalized, I could literally smell *Andromeda* and the scent is powerful and almost overwhelming.

The Andromeda energy is now at its peak of holding the Gateway open for full availability to other galaxies and star systems.  The time of trying to figure out how to move through the veil and/or when the veil is at its thinnest has come to an end.  The Gateway is fully open and being held this way.  As I am fully intertwined with this Andromeda energy, I too hold the gate open.

This is the intensity of Ascension Integrated Activations. You will be taken through the Gateway into the world beyond, perhaps for the first time.  This occurs during deep meditation and through channeling of information of light and of experience.  Through a refinement of frequencies, utilizing scent, numeric coding and more, transcendental exposure occurs. Through this, you will be ascended through integrated activations of the Cosmics Masters - you will be transported.  Your DNA will go through a "tweaking" to begin to bring it into activated awareness through a re-activation process.

The presence known as Aharona אַהֲרֹנָה Exalted Light will also enter into the messaging sequence. These energies will connect with you at a very deep soul level - a point that you might not have encountered in the past but, at the same time, will feel very familiar.  The healing aspect of the sessions comes through from a collective energy source that refers to themselves as the VII Stars of Goliad.

What to Expect for either Ascension Integration or Ascension Integrated Activation: This always varies but you will always receive information of empowerment.  This is through a journeying technique while in a deep meditative state that has been finely honed within Susanah Tamar Magdalena. This can happen through visiting various places on the planet, past life experiences that pertain to the now, traveling to various star systems and perhaps to the place of the Hall of Halls (the Akashic Records).  Each session ends with a very deep and unique style of healing that is, at this time being heightened and advanced through the energy of the Star of Bethlehem.

Ascension Integrated Activations, that is broken down into 4 separate sessions. This is to help the human that we are to transcend into the Spiritual that we are re-becoming.  It is truly a mystical and magickal experience.

The first transference initiation of Ascension Integrated Activations is here NOW!  The "The Tikkun Olam Transference" is here and ready to be coded into the soul source of the individual experiencing this session.

This is the first step into moving through the Gateway that connects us fully to the vibrancy that is Andromeda - pulling us closer and closer to home.

This is the Introductory Step of moving fully into the aspect of the "Repair of the World". 

Each session is designed to bring the individual closer and closer to the Wisdom & Understanding of unified Cosmic Reality. 
I invite you to experience the 1st session "Tikkun Olam - Repair of the World" and afterwards commit to the other 3 sessions bringing you fully into the time we are in at this very moment.  This will assist you to be prepared for what comes with a New Year of awakening opportunities.
2017 is a 10 year that is the fullness of the completed cycle and so many things are wrapped up in the breaking down of establishment.
2018 is an 11 year bringing us into this Master Frequency of the Harmonized Unity of the number 2. This is to fully understand the facade of duality.

Aharona's Exalted Light DNA Activations
This is to fully interact with and bring forth within the energy of Love your 12 strands of DNA as a process to create and activate a 13th Strand.

These will be offered privately and individually. If taking part in a session, please plan 1 and 1/2 hours. 
Your session will be recorded for you to listen to in your meditation time.

Individual Session     $160.00 Investment            

​Pay in Full for:
Package A: Ascension Integration, IV Ascension Integrated Activation Sessions, and Aharona's Exalted Light Sequence Activations
Investment: $620.00 (Savings of $160.00 - Aharona's 13 DNA Strand Activation FREE)
Package B: For those who have experienced Ascension Integration - IV Ascension Integrated Activations and Aharona's Exalted Light Sequence Activations
Investment: $610.00 (Savings of $46.00)

When paying in full, we will go ahead and schedule appointments for your upcoming sessions.​

Session I         This is the Tikkun Olam תיקון עולם (Repair of the World)  Transference

- Designed to take us to understanding our true value as seen from the Supernal Overview and in accepting "worthiness".  Through this forgiveness of self becomes apparent and is then offered to a hurting world.
The Mantra: I am a beautiful creation of the I AM and I AM perfect just as I AM.

Session II       This is the Christ Consciousness/Forgiveness Transference

- Designed to take us from believing that a certain entity or deity created us. Bringing us to full acknowledgment that we came from Source and not a specific being bringing forth a sense of worthiness.

The Mantra: I am worthy of all the Gifts of Spirit which are already mine.

Session III      This is the LOVE Transference
- Designed to take us from the belief system that we are not worthy into full acknowledged worthiness that is then extended into the powerful essence of engulfing Universal Love.
The Mantra: I am simply and exquisitely created as Love.

Session IV     This is the Compassion Transference
- Designed to take us from from the equation of Forgiveness + Love to the answering Compassion. We find that we are Mercifully Compassionate to and for ourselves which then enables us in the human state of being to reach out and offer Merciful Compassion to a hurting world(s).
​In this session, we will also go back into Tikkun Olam to seal the work offered and completed.
The Mantra: I am Elohim.

Each session is enhanced vibrationally bringing forth full oversoul consciousness into the physical expression through cosmic frequencies enhanced by numeric codings (unlocking the deepest recesses of the soul's access), aromatherapy and more.

Individual Sessions - Investment $124.00 each __

Ascension Sessions


 As our thoughts create - Our hearts manifest.

Private Session Activations - Pay in Full

Ascension Integration is the "opening" of Galactic energies.  This is a vibrational patterning that is excellent when new to galactic intensities.  This is a 4th-6th dimensional source of information that opens you to information that comes from a variety of sources. As a Channel and High Priestess of Mary, The Magdalene is the opening energy source for each session. As an Open Channel, any energy that has the highest and best to offer is also allowed to come through. Through the assistance of Mary and her Beloved, the Master Teacher Yeshua comes a harmonizing design of merging the Divine Masculine and Feminine vibrations within each individual. There is also a deep healing process that comes through within the session that comes from a collective source known as the VII Stars of Goliad.  They will assist in clearing energies from this life as well as past lives that are just residual and no longer serve. This clears the passage for new energies and information to come through with ease and grace.
*Included is a time where you may ask specific questions in which I will answer through channeled and clairvoyant means.

Individual Session     $124.00 Investment     (Scroll down to make payment.)