The Beloved Heart Source

"Magdalene Mystery School"

I experienced an Ascension Integration with Susanah Magdalena and was thoroughly amazed! Not only did I finally learn the name of my Guardian Angel, but I confirmed my place as a healer in our world and universe. There were so many puzzle pieces that 'clicked' into place during the session that I was left feeling full of acceptance and gratitude for the Love, Light and Laughter I am here to spread and share. I welcome the coming days and weeks as the integration completes and I am able to use this new knowledge and wisdom to help others heal, and to help heal our Mother Earth. I highly recommend that everyone take advantage of the gifts that Susanah will channel to you from Mary the Magdalene, Jeshua, and your personal spirit guides. 
Brenda Hardwick‚Äč

I was blessed to experience an Ascension Integration from Susanah Magdelina about 6 weeks ago via Skype. To say it was transformational is an understatement.  This truly was one of the most powerful healings I have received.

Through this session, (which included channeling by Yeshua and Mary Magdalene),  I was able to find my soul purpose, meet new guides and soul groups and experience a deep healing on many levels. 
This procedure has completely shifted so many things for me and in many ways. I never thought about.  I feel energized and uplifted on so many levels. This session was positive, uplifting and life altering. I not only felt the shifting, I continue to assimilate what I experienced.
I recommend it to anyone and everyone wanting to remove the old and move into a new way of being.
Thank you Susanah!
Fk Laurel

I have experienced Ascension Integration with Susanah Magdalena.
It was beautiful!  I felt like she led me to the secret parts of my soul in a safe way.
I learned new information about myself and had a message by the end which was very clear, inspiring and positive.
In many ways; answered my questions and concerns.
Very grateful that I had this experience with her!
Julia Lane

I did an ascension integration  on 8/7/15 and it was truly life changing.  I find it hard to explain to others, but I know I am different than I was.  I believe even my DNA has been changed.  
I will highly recommend this to my family and friends.
My sincere thanks goes to the blessing Tami gave to me.  

In a word, WOW!!! I had no idea the experience would be so physical as well as spiritual.  It was like nothing I have ever experienced before.  The energy was so intense and the message was reassuring and validating.  The cleansing and healing left me drained, yet invigorated and energized.  I would recommend the Ascension Integration to everyone.
Gayle Fowler

Ascension Integration

Ascension Integration Sessions are held "one-on-one" and are private.  They can be offered in-person and via Skype and/or FaceTime.

When asked what it is I feel I am here to do ... it is this.  It is to offer the deep revelation that comes through each and every one of these sessions.  They are profound to each person who experiences them.  They are as unique as there are individuals.  Because of this, it is difficult to put into words what is experienced.

They are channeled sessions, where the person receiving the Ascension Integration is in a very deep meditative state.  Susanah Magdalena talks throughout the session as she channels specific messages that are pertinent for the moment of the now.  There are codings, clearings and healings offered through a myriad of sources that have the potential to come through.

Each person leaves with a sense of who and what they are at the deepest of Soul Level Consciousness.

Ascension Integration is offering in-person and via Skype and/or FaceTime.