Ascension is multi-faceted and incredibly individual.
Because of this, Ascension Integration
is difficult to explain and/or describe. 

I have offered these sessions for over 5 years and have never had one be remotely the same. There is a process that I follow that is the same but, that is where it ends.

The Process is this:
You lay on a massage table fully clothed and I take you into deep meditative state. Together, our energies merge as I create Sacred Space & Sacred connection. We begin by opening the heart energy and connecting fully to that of Gaia so that you are fully grounded and readied for the Journey that is about to commence.

We connect with the Divine Feminine Presence (that of Mary, The Magdalene) and the Sacred Masculine Presence (that of Y'shua) and that is where the Journey begins. Varied presences come in from dragons to fairies ... to flowers to Master/Teachers & Guides and anywhere else the energies lie. My intent from the beginning is to be an open vessel allowing that which is needed offering only the highest and best within Compassionate Action (the State of Grace) to come through. And that it does!

The session ends with a collective I have worked with for over 20 years that refers to themselves as the VII Stars of Goliad coming in offering healing at a deep, cosmic & quantum level. 

The session is recorded for your convenience as you will slip in and out during this time together.

It is a profound & unique experience. You will leave with a sense of presence and of direction. You will have a deeper understanding of your Divine Purpose that lies within your personal Akasha.

I ask that you allow an hour and a half for your session.
We discuss a bit in the beginning as you are prepared for your wakening.
The actual session lasts roughly 45 minutes (give or take).
Afterwards you are offered as much time as needed to leave fully 'back' & grounded.

Investment: $124.00

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