A few weeks after the eclipse of August 2017 and the surrounding celestial events, I began sensing something in my meditations. As I was guided where to *look*, I realized there was an opening in the outer regions of dark space.  I was told this was the Andromeda Gateway. A Gateway being held by the Andromeda Galaxy so that all may travel with ease and without reserve to various quadrants not visited in the past.  As I begin to experience the Gateway, I could physically smell a scent that, at the time, I thought the Gateway was emitting.  It is a scent that is of night flowers - that of Jasmine.

The further I moved into the energy of the Gateway and became more acquainted, I was approached by an energy who calls herself Aharona (translates as Exalted Light). I then realized the scent was and is her association with the Gateway and how she was trying to get my attention.

To learn more about Aharona, please go to "The Teachings of Aharona".

The information being brought forth for me, is only one piece of the puzzle.  I have gathered with 3 others who, at this time, are part of what is happening. Sandra Blaha, Liz Ann Fischer and Jason Antalek - The Andromeda Gateway Collective.

We will soon be offering group Introductions to what we are bringing forth individually and collectively. We will also be offering experiential workshops where you will receive activations and more.

I am just been given something very new that will be extended out to those who have attended our workshop and who have received Jason Antalek's 5M Activation as those are pre-requisites to what I will be offering.

Aharona's Exalted Light Activations
This is to fully interact with and bring forth within the energy of Love your 12 strands of DNA as a process to create and activate a 13th Strand.

These will be offered privately and individually. If taking part in a session, please plan 1 and 1/2 hours. 
Your session will be recorded for you to listen to in your meditation time.

The Andromeda Gateway

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