Thank you for your interest in working with me as a client either in person or at a distance using the phone/Skype/email, whichever is applicable. I am providing you with the following information so you can make an informed choice about your decision to engage my services. Please read my Client Agreement & Disclosure and my Policies & Procedures carefully and let me know if there is any part you do not understand.

Susanah Magdalena has been called by her teacher and guide Mary, The Magdalene and through the teachings of the Master Jeshua to bring forth a message of Great Joy - this is that Love conquers all.  This is the source of all matter and the birthplace of all Sacred Thought Formations.

She is called by Mary, The Magdalene - Channel, High Priestess and Magdalene Healing Master.
She is called by the Archangel Michael - Battle Healer/Healer of Warriors.
She is "Cheaylia" (KeyHolder) of the origins and stories of the Lemurians.
She is one who holds Sacred the Andromeda Gateway and who brings forth the emissary known as Aharona אַהֲרֹנָה (Exalted Light).

As a life-long student of the "Art of Questioning", Susanah has studied Reiki and is a Reiki Master/Teacher.  She has worked with the power and authority of the Sacred Gifts of Gaia - essential oils - and, in this is much the Aromatherapist.  She has studied with a Zen Master, various teachers of the Tarot, Kabbalah and more.  In the 30 years of developing, she has found there is one united aspect all humans share, we all simply want to be listened to, heard and validation offered that what we have to share is important to us as individuals.  This is where compassion lies.

About Me

Susanah Magdalena (aka Tami Harms) has been called to bring forth empowerment through accountability and responsibility in all she brings forth.  In the dedication of herself to these aspects of life, she has a determination born of perseverance to see this through.  

She has studied different avenues of Spirituality throughout the past 30 years and in this she has found one constant theme.  This is to bring forth individual masculine/feminine harmony.  After this is accomplished as fully as possible in the human conditioning, then and only then are we even somewhat prepared for relationships of all types that come into our daily lives.

We are all cosmic beings on a Divine Journey to bring forth "oneness" and in this Understanding we truly are The Source of all Wisdom.  This is seeded into us from Soul Origin and it is this we carry forth as we work to perfect our character throughout our lives.

 Code of Ethics:  
 I agree to hold myself in professionalism and to hold what I am shown and what is shared in confidence.  
 I agree to keep myself and my manner in alignment with that of the highest good of all.  
 I agree that I will not put myself in a position of offering Wisdom if I am not fully in a "good place".
 I agree, to the best of my ability, to set aside ego in offering myself as a tool for Spirit.
 In this, I submit my Will to the Will of the Creator God.
 ~Susanah Magdalena

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