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Mission: The Beloved Heart Source "Magdalene Mystery School", Susanah Magdalena and all who join her in the endeavors of the heart are here to bring forth "oneness".  Through the understanding that this first comes to light with the individual as co-mingling harmonies of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine join together.  We understand we are powerful conduits and are here to bring empowerment through the Acceptance and Understanding that we are each Co-Creators of our Worlds.  We facilitate this energy towards the World as we know it is now and the responsibility this holds.

Vision: We are joined in the Infinite Light and Love of Creator Energy in the molding and the developing of Our World as we *see* it's potential to be.  We understand that "frequency" is that which binds us as individuals into a "collective consciousness" that is powerful when joined in Unity.  Through this, "the power that ever was or will be is here now".  We embrace this principle.

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The Beloved Heart Source

"Mysteries of The Magdalene"

This is the place of understanding the "dance" of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine through the story of the ages -
The Sacred Marriage of all that is Holy.
In this, the energies of Mary, The Magdalene and her Beloved Jeshua are expressed in a way that is of mutual Respect and Honour.

Welcome to all the Unfolding Mysteries.