This is the place of bringing forth Empowerment within the Human Experience.
We are here to find harmonization keys of our seemingly lost memories.
All the Power that ever was or will be is Here Now!

Through bringing forth accountability and responsibility that we are indeed the Creators of our Own World
just as it is in the moment of the now is an initial Key that is considered the Moment of Wakening.
​Be the Experience. Be the Life. Be the Love.

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​​​​Westminster, Colorado
The Beloved Heart Source Website

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Mission: The Beloved Heart Source is a place where you can and will be listened to and heard.  You will be loved and you will be appreciated.  It is through this we reach our individual missions within consciousness of connection through Wisdom and Understanding.

Vision: We are joined in the Infinite Light and Love of Creator Energy in the molding and the developing of Our World as we *see* it's potential to be.  We understand that "frequency" is that which binds us as individuals into a "collective consciousness" that is powerful when joined in Unity.  Through this, "the power that ever was or will be is here now".  We embrace this principle.

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