The Commitment is first and foremost to yourself. This is the place of 'tikkun olam' - repair of the World(s) starting with each and every individual life form on our planet. 

My commitment to you & intent is this:
I will do my absolute best to meet you where you are. Through this, together, we will share 'tikkun olam'.

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General Disclaimer

The information contained on this website and accompanying blogs (collectively “website”), including ideas, suggestions, techniques, social media postings, methods, videos, articles, and other materials, is educational in nature and is provided only as general information and is not medical or psychological advice.

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Unlocking The Mystery Within
holds the Magick entrance to your Passion | Your Longing | Your Commitment to Healing, Wholeness and Well-Being.

This brings forth deeply integrated Empowerment.

Susanah Magdalena's commitment is that she will meet you where you are.
The Beloved Heart Source is a place where you are encouraged to be an active participant
to Expand | to Grow | to Develop | to BE Empowered!

Teachings will SOON be offered virtually!